Spiral Electric FX Releases Yellow Spiral Drive

Yellow Spiral Press.jpg

Murray,UT, March 18th –  Let’s get this out of the way: Tom Cram was responsible for creating pedalboard mainstays such as The Carcosa, Rubberneck, FreqOut, and many more during his time at DOD/Digitech. Tom is back at it and at the helm of Spiral Electric FX; the Yellow Spiral Drive is his latest offering.  

The Yellow Spiral Overdrive is truly the swiss-army knife of overdrive pedals. It covers your “always on” tone sweetener, clean boost, dirty boost, low-gain distortion, mid-gain distortion, amp input punisher, and “unleashing the fury, everything on 10” lead shred-o-rama. 

The circuit is based on the DOD 250 Overdrive Pre-Amp with choice alterations. The addition of the Nanolog N2 Quantum Junction, the Girth control, as well as selectable clipping sections adds a useful and modern spin to this classic circuit. The Yellow Spiral sounds fantastic on bass with none of the low-end loss commonly associated with this circuit.


  • 6-Position rotary tone network retains your highs but increases low-end “Girth.”

  • Very touch-sensitive, goes from chime to grind with just an increase in pick attack

  • Excellent clean-up with guitar volume knob

  • Circuit Based on DOD 250 Overdrive Pre-Amp with choice alterations

  • Nanolog N2 Molecular Junction

Three-Way toggle Voicing:

1. N2 + LED

2. N2

3. N2 + Silicon

  • True Bypass

  • 100% Analog

  • Industrial, Textural, Chemical Oxide Top

  • Laser-Etched Graphics

  • Brushed Aluminum Chassis

  • High-Quality Parts Throughout

  • Mix of classic and high-tech in both aesthetics and sonics

  • $249 Retail Price

The Yellow Spiral Drive is now available to be purchased directly from Spiral Electric FX at http://spiralelectricfx.com