Introducing The Astronomer V2 Celestial Reverb

Whats new in the V2

-3 Algorithms
-100% Wet mix control
-External alt control
-100ma to power
-Tails or bypass mode!!

3 Reverb algorithms

Canis Major - The Dog is an EchoVerb designed with droning and swells in mind. Glow controls your shimmer mix and use "Travel" to set the dog loose to run away or drone infinitely.  Excels at pads and layering.
Orion - The hunter is the classic hall reverb with shimmer. Tried and true the hunter excels as a hall reverb with "Glow" turned down all the way and dimed for a sound that feels straight from the heavens. Excels as your base reverb or ambient verb
* Ursa Major - The Bear is a chamber reverb with a pre octave mixed in with "Glow". Turn "Glow" all the way down for a haunting dark reverb great for lead lines and your base reverb or slowly turn up glow to taste to add a particle sound and emulate twinkling stars. Excels as your base reverb or ambient verb

100% Wet mix control

The mix starts a great low point and as you turn right you dial out your dry signal while turning up the wet reverb signal until its 100% wet!

Analog dry signal path

Your dry signal path is kept completely analog while mixing in your digital wet signal for the best of both worlds.

Alt control

One of the things that sets the Astronomer apart from other reverbs is its set ofalt controls. The Astronomer has 3 knobs on the "top" row which have been duplicated on the "Bottom" row giving you two different sounds you can jump between. You can set both rows to the same row and jump between two different sounds on the same reverb or set them as different reverbs using the toggle switches at the top of the pedal. This creates a simple and straightforeward way to get a wide and dynamic sound from just one pedal. 

100ma to power

We have cut the power requirement in half making it easier to find a place on your power supply!

Tails or bypass mode

Probably one of the most requested features for the Astronomer is the ability to let those beutiful haunting layers continue as you switch the pedal off preventing a hard cut to your sound as your playing. If you still want that hard cut sound simply hold both foot switches for 10 seconds until the bypass led flashes and now you are in bypass mode which cut the reverb signal as soon as you turn it off.


  • Mass: The mix of your signal. Turn up to go 100% wet.
  • Glow: controls the octave or shimmer on each algorithm. 
  • Travel: is the feedback or decay of the reverb.
  • The bottom footswitch is your master bypass
  • Top footswitch chooses which row of controls is active. 
  • The top left toggle lets you choose which algorithm is active for the top row.
  • The top right toggle lets you choose which algorithm is active for the bottom row.
  • External alt jack on the side lets you externally choose which row of controls is active


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    Joseph Rubenstein