Morley Releases 3 New Custom Shop Pedals

May 2018--Morley, makers of pedals, switches and Ebtech® audio solutions, released three new custom shop pedals. All are designed to save space on crowded pedal boards while maintaining tone, features and durability the Morley large format pedals are known for. The Morley Custom Shop allows for some very cool limited edition graphics. 

The first three are the Mini Steve Vai Bad Horsie 2, the Mini George Lynch Dragon 2 and the Kiko Loureiro Switchless Wah. The Vai and Lynch Wahs are mini versions of their large pedal counterparts but measure 6.85” in length, 4.5” wide and only 2.75” in height. The Kiko is a new limited edition mini switchless Wah. 

We asked each artist to get creative with their custom shop appearance. Steve gave us a piece of his own hand-drawn artwork that wraps around the entire pedal. George wanted a purple and yellow tiger stripe theme. And Kiko came to us with a very cool Brazilian artwork and color theme. The Mini Bad Horsie 2 has two Wah modes, Bad Horsie and Contour, in contour mode two knobs allow you to dial in Wah tone and Level. The Mini Dragon 2 has two Wah modes, traditional Wah and WOW (exaggerated Wah mode) plus a Wah Lock feature to do that “Schenker Thing”. The Kiko Wah is a switchless Wah set to Kiko’s preferred sweep and tone. 

Mini Kiko Wah (Street $229), Mini Bad Horsie 2 (Street $239), Mini Dragon 2 (Street $249) are all Limited Edition pedals so once they’re gone, they’re GONE! Collect all three!

All the new minis are suitable for use with guitar, bass, keys or any other instrument you can plug into it. They all come equipped with Electro-Optical circuit (no pots to go bad), switchless design (step on to engage Wah, step off to go to bypass), Treadle Glow™ Foot Grips / Toe End Stickers, “True Tone” Buffer (maintains volume and tone), cold rolled steel chassis, LED indication, Quick Clip battery door and our no-hassle warranty. 

mtkiko right.JPG
mtg2 left.JPG
mtvai-2 right.JPG

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