Ibanez To Officially Release NuTube Screamer At Winter NAMM Show

Picture Credit: Effects Database

Picture Credit: Effects Database

A new variation of the Ibanez Tube Screamer overdrive pedal is being announced officially later this month at the Winter NAMM Show. The pedal is called the "Nu Tube Screamer", and features a Korg Nu Tube for a more enhanced tube-like drive tone.

Korg's NuTube Technology

The Ibanez NTS Tubescreamer features Korg's NuTube technology which provides players with a real vacuum tube sound. Additionally, the Tubescreamer's NuTube technology is reliable and offers a long life span with around 30,000 hours of use before it would need changing. NuTube technology is similar to a vacuum tube and operates exactly the same as a triode vacuum tube. Furthermore, with the technology being similar to that of a more conventional vacuum tube, the pedal is able to output the same rich overtones that are so sought after.

Ibanez Tubescreamer Sound

The Ibanez NTS Tubescreamer features Korg's NuTube technology and offers drive, tone, level, and mix controls as well as relay True Bypass, enabling players to project cool and classic sounds. Players can achieve a clean yet distorted sound if preferred, meaning each note will be clean and pure yet still has that classic distorted sound. Additionally, players can also mix their settings, removing that cleaner tonal character and delivering just the sonically pleasing Tubescreamer sound. With this, the Ibanez NTS Tubescreamer is ideal for rock enthusiasts and those with a heavier shredding style.


  • New for 2018

  • Relay True Bypass

  • Stylish housing

  • NuTube technology


  • Controls: Drive/Tone/Level/Mix

  • Technology: Korg NuTube

  • Power: 9V Battery or External DC 9-18 Volt AC Adapter