Prescription Electronics C.O.B. Clean Octave Blend DIY KIT

Prescription Electronics C.O.B. Clean Octave Blend DIY KIT


Have you ever tried to buy pedal parts online? It’s a mess. Unbelievably, electronic components are used in many other fields aside from guitar pedals, with many more diverse applications. With that said, these other applications need to be operated at extreme temperatures, ultra-high voltages, and many different wattages. If you’ve ever bought resistors from the Internet, and the ones that showed up were giant white bricks of sandstone instead of the little blue striped fellas you’ve seen in your pedals, you’re not alone. There’s a lot to chance.


This is why we’ve created DIY kits for you to build ourDistortion Ltd. pedals along with us! Each kit contains all the parts you see in issue one of the Distortion Ltd. articles, and the finished product will exactly resemble the one built in the corresponding issue. If you’ve ever heard the sound clips in our DIY articles and wish you could build one yourself but the part buying is too tedious or confusing, this is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

The parts included are all top-quality, featuring rugged footswitches, Alpha potentiometers, Topmay film capacitors, and a powdercoated enclosure. The kit only requires that you have the necessary tools to build the pedal, including a soldering iron and wire cutters/strippers. No returns are accepted on these kits for any reason.


This particular kit is for our version of a Prescription Electronics Clean Octave Blend (C.O.B.), featured in issue #31. Jack Brossart is the mastermind of Prescription Electronics (or was) and in his tenure in the biz, created some of the best pedals you’ve never heard of. One of them is the C.O.B., an octave-up fuzzed-out war machine that sounds unbelievable, no matter what genre or guitar you play. Three knobs adorn the C.O.B.: Volume, Octave and Blend. The fundamental tone of the C.O.B. is a juicy clean boost, which sounds great on its own. The Octave knob enhances the upper octave, adding intensity and hair, while the Blend control allows you to blend the octave with the boost. Cranking both Blend and Octave gives you a searing lead tone, and rolling them both down gives you the boosted signal. Of course, there are many sweet spots around these two knobs, and the standard octave-up caveats apply (play above the 12th fret, tone knob rolled off), yet it’s less important on the C.O.B. than all others. In praise of the C.O.B., Doyle Bramhall II has one, and it’s a huge part of his tone. Hopefully it will become part of yours as well. 

Each C.O.B. kit includes:



1x 1K

1x 1.5K

3x 4.7K

2x 10K

1x 22K

1x 36K

3x 47K

5x 100K

1x 120K

1x 150K

1x 560K

1x 680K



1x 1nF (0.001uF, film)

3x 100nF (0.1uF, film)

1x 1uF (film)

4x 10uF (electrolytic)

1x 100uF (electrolytic)



4x 2N3904 (two are matched)

2x 1N4001 (matched)



1x 100KA

1x 250KB

1x 1MB



1x stripboard



1x 125B enclosure

2x ¼” jacks

1x 5mm LED

1x LED bezel

1x DC power jack

1x 3PDT footswitch

3x knobs 



Contains all the parts you need to build the exact pedal from Distortion Ltd. issue 31

Requires only a soldering iron, cutting tool and wire cutters/strippers.

*Image of assembled pedal for reference only. Not included.

No returns accepted

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