Whipple Wah DIY KIT

Whipple Wah DIY KIT


Have you ever tried to buy pedal parts online? It’s a mess. Unbelievably, electronic components are used in many other fields aside from guitar pedals, with many more diverse applications. With that said, these other applications need to be operated at extreme temperatures, ultra-high voltages, and many different wattages. If you’ve ever bought resistors from the Internet, and the ones that showed up were giant white bricks of sandstone instead of the little blue striped fellas you’ve seen in your pedals, you’re not alone. There’s a lot to chance.


This is why we’ve created DIY kits for you to build our Distortion Ltd. pedals along with us! Each kit contains all the parts you see in issue one of the Distortion Ltd. articles, and the finished product will exactly resemble the one built in the corresponding issue. If you’ve ever heard the sound clips in our DIY articles and wish you could build one yourself but the part buying is too tedious or confusing, this is the solution you’ve been waiting for.


The parts included are all top-quality, featuring rugged footswitches, Topmay film capacitors and other premium parts. This particular kit only requires that you have the necessary tools to build the pedal, including a soldering iron and wire cutters/strippers, and in the case of this particular build, some double-sided foam mounting tape. No returns are accepted on these kits for any reason.


This particular kit is for our version of a “Clyde”-type wah circuit, featured in Issue #5. The author of the piece, Nicholas Kula, designed this piece at the crossroads of vintage authenticity and common modifications, including the best modern part substitutes for transistors, a 4uF capacitor configuration (instead of the common 4.7uF), a slightly juiced gain value, switchable bass response, simulated ICAR taper subcircuit, the original “Clyde” Q value, and of course, the mighty Whipple inductor. You’ll be quacking away in no time. You provide your old, beat-up or closeted wah enclosure and potentiometer, we provide the rest.


Each Clyde kit includes:

Electrical components



1x 390 ohm

1x 1K

1x 1.5K

1x 10K

1x 22K

1x 68K

2x 100K

2x 470K




2x 10nF

1x 22nF

1x 220nF

1x 330nF

4x 1uF (monolithic ceramic)




2x BC549C



1x piece of stripboard (Veroboard)

1x two-position DIP switch

1x Whipple inductor

2x replacement jacks

1x DPDT footswitch

1x 9v battery snap

1x ⅜” hole plug


Contains all the parts you need to build the exact pedal from Distortion Ltd. Issue 5

Requires only a soldering iron, cutting tool, double-sided foam tape and wire cutters/strippers.


*Image of assembled pedal for reference only. Not included.

No returns accepted


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